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Rajesh Palakurthi

Rajesh Palakurthi Dec-22-2022

The best courses are designed with the student in mind, offering a variety of learning materials and activities that cater to different learning styles. Whether I prefer videos, written content, or interactive quizzes, an excellent course provided by RITE Academy with a range of options to ensure that we are able to learn in a way that suits us best.

Mahesh Kumar

Mahesh Kumar Dec-26-2022

This is a good institute for mechanical engineers, offering several courses and good career guidance from the sir, the teaching is very good and the practical sessions are also good. after completing the course they will be providing the career guidance.

Ravi Reddy

Ravi Reddy Dec-26-2022

Myself Ravichandra Reddy from Bangalore. I completed my MEP course at this institute(Rite Academy). In this institute, I gained practical and theoretical knowledge very much. Here there is good faculty, I bet you will never find a teacher like Rajashekar sir, I thank the faculty members for sharing the knowledge with me.