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Salesforce Admin & App Builder Course Details

Who is eligible for Salesforce Training

Any graduate is eligible for Salesforce Training. If you are an engineer from any department or If you are a graduate from non-Engineering background you are still eligible for doing this course and you can expect a relevant job in this field. If you are still having any confusion about your qualification you can please contact us and get clarification on the same.

Cloud Computing Concepts
4 lectures
Evolution of Cloud Computing
Pay per use Model
Advantages and Disadvantages
Classification of Cloud Computing Services
3 lectures
PAAS (Platform As A Service)
SAAS (Software As A Service)
IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service)
Creating Salesforce Developer Account
4 lectures
Salesforce overview
Salesforce Products Overview
Salesforce Editions
Creating Salesforce Developer Account
Salesforce Object Management
5 lectures
Standard Objects and Custom Objects
Creating / Editing / Deletion of records
Creating Custom Fields, Custom Objects
Field Dependency, Field History Tracking
Creating Applications & Configuration
Data Validation & Formula Fields
4 lectures
Learn about Salesforce Data Validation
Create Data Validation Rules & Formula Fields
Salesforce Functions for Validation Rules & Formula Fields
Learn about the Custom fields & Unique properties
Customizing Page Layouts
5 lectures
Creating and Customizing Page Layouts (Fields, Buttons, Related Lists)
Page Layout Assignments
Creating Salesforce Business Records (Record Types)
Introduction to Business Processes (Lead Process, Sales Process, Support Process)
Customizing Record Types
Object Relationships
3 lectures
Overview and Need of relationship
Types of Relationship
Roll up summary fields
CRM Concepts
11 lectures
CRM Vocabulary
Marketing Cloud
Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Lead Conversion Process
Lead Assignment rule
Case Assignment rule
Web To Lead
Web To Case
Case Escalation Rules
Email To Case
Data Management
4 lectures
Overview of Data Management
Working with Data Import Wizard
Working with Export Wizard
Introduction to Data Loader and Performing DML operations
Business Process Automation Tools
5 lectures
Email Templates
Process Builder
Approval Process
Security & Data Visibility
8 lectures
Introduction to Salesforce Security Model
User Management
Roles and Hierarchies
OWD and Sharing rules
Queues and Public groups
Permission Sets
Analytics in Salesforce
8 lectures
Creating Reports in Salesforce
Report Types (Standard & Custom)
Types of Reports (Tabular, Matrix, Summarize, Joined)
Creating Custom Report Types & Implementation
Scheduling the Reports
Introduction to Dashboards
Dashboard Components & Charts
Dynamic Dashboards



I really appreciate the efforts put in the training to make us understand the concepts of the course In addition they're providing high-quality learning materials, an excellent course content with real time project practices also have a knowledgeable and supportive instructor. I have already recommended RITE Academy to my friends.

Great Work

This is one of the best training I Attended. Excellent course content and trainers. The trainers made the classes interesting and interactive which helped me a lot to understand the concepts better. After the course is over. the recordings help you revise. It also offers lifetime technical support so there's no time limit to finish your training's definitely recommend this course. Thanks to RIte academy


Finally, an excellent course experience have provided by RITE Academy as well helped me to get into a Job as a ( Salesforce Admin & Dev) . I am ready for my success and achievement's of life from their learnings. thank you RITE Academy.

Salesforce Admin & App Builder Course FAQs

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform which is cloud-based. Salesforce is helpful for companies and organizations to manage and connect their Sales, Marketing, Commerce , service & IT teams. As the software is cloud-based, it saves the companies with their time, investment and server usage.

Why should one learn Salesforce course ?

Post-pandemic the world has started to move more from offline to online dependency. Many companies started organizing & Managing their work in various CRM software. In the past decade, many have found Salesforce to be more resourceful and easy to help them with their regular company management compared to other CRM platforms. This increased the demand in the workforce with knowledge of Salesforce.

What to learn in salesforce?

Salesforce offers multiple platforms for organizations to work on. Companies require people with skill set in Salesforce Administration, Salesforce App Development, Salesforce Vlocity & Salesforce Business Analyst. One can learn these in our “Salesforce online training” or “Salesforce offline Training” programs. Selection of the training program should be done as per your profile. For more details please contact us and discuss with a Counsellor.

What is the duration of Salesforce Admin & Development course?

The duration of the Salesforce online Training is for around 2 months. Daily training is for 90 mins and 5 days a week.

How can I get Salesforce training Course certificate from RITE Academy?

The eligibility for a course certificate from RITE Academy is attending the total course and completing one project in the Salesforce training program.

What are the prerequisites for this Salesforce Online training program? The student must have a Laptop or computer with

The student must have a Laptop or computer with internet connection to complete the Salesforce program

Is there any job assistance after the Salesforce training program?

Yes, at RITE Academy we provide job assistance for the certified students. We have a dedicated recruitment department for the same. For more details please contact us on +91-9169315999.

Who are the instructors for this Salesforce training course at RITE Academy ?

All our instructors are working professionals from the Industry, working in leading organizations and have real world experience in Salesforce. All these experienced folks trained by RITE Academy provide Salesforce training online so that you can have a great learning experience.