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In Plumbing Design & drafting we teach the following topics

  1. Basics of Plumbing Designing
  2. Types of Plumbing Fixtures used
  3. Estimation of Maximum Number of Plumbing fixtures
  4. Codes & Standards of Plumbing Designing
  5. Water Supply & Distribution System
  6. Cold Water Demand
  7. Hot Water Demand
  8. Concepts of Fixture Unit
  9. Pipe Sizing
  10. Supply Pressure with Pressure losses
  11. Sanitary Drainage Systems
  12. Soil and Waste Stack System
  13. Drainpipe size calculations
  14. Slope of pipe
  15. Design & Drafting of a Fire Fighting System



In Fire Fighting System Design & Drafting we teach the following topics

  1. Basics of Fire Fighting Designing
  2. Classification of Fire Fighting System
  3. Codes & Standards of Fire Fighting System
  4. Fire Dynamics
  5. Fire Classification
  6. Water-Based Fire Suppression System
  7. Classification of Sprinkler System
  8. Sprinkler System Component
  9. Hazard / Occupancy Classification
  10. Pipe Sizing
  11. Stand Pipe System
  12. Designing & Drafting of a Fire Fighting System.

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